There is a growing trend towards incorporating mindfulness and stress reduction practices in the workplace. To make these tools more accessible, Kirsten and Karen have developed a series of workshops. In these workshops, entrepreneurs are introduced to a variety of emotional regulation strategies which they will get to practice within the group.
These evidence based skills draw from Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness. The aim is to make the tools as user-friendly as possible so that they can be applied in a relevant way. Following on from the workshops, Kirsten and Karen provide individual mentoring to enhance and refine the use of these tools.


Since 2016 Kirsten and Karen have been running Stress Reduction and Resilience Building Workshops for Technology Startups.

They were also both panel speakers at the 2018 Cape Town Founders Conference hosted at the V & A Waterfront during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Clarify Signature Strengths and Goals
Stress Management Tools
Help with Public Speaking Anxiety
Strategies to Interrupt Worry/Rumination and Increase Focus