Therapy can be a helpful way for teenagers to gain clarity and learn new skills to help them move through challenges they may be facing. It is quite common for teenagers to experience difficulties relating to self esteem, identity, communication, regulating emotions and navigating friendships and/or romantic relationships. The purpose of the first three to four sessions is to get a good understanding of any concerns your child might be experiencing, to understand the family context and to set goals for therapy.  As a parent, you play an important role in supporting your teenager throughout the therapeutic process.

You will be asked to attend the first session with your child.  For the next two to three sessions, your child will meet with the therapist individually. Thereafter, there will be a family session to discuss recommendations for therapy. In addition to individual therapy for your child, family therapy might also be recommended. Therapy can be short or longer term, depending on the need. While some problems can resolve within a short period of time, usually within three months if sessions are attended weekly, others are more complex and can take more time.