Kirsten Barnardt and Karen Fleming are Cape Town based Clinical Psychologists specializing in psychotherapy and consultation. We provide evidence-based treatments to children, teens and adults. Our focus areas include anxiety, depression, bereavement, relational dynamics, stress management and personal development.


For those who could benefit from support to cope with difficulties such as life transitions, depression, social anxiety, generalized anxiety and loss or bereavement.

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For young adults who may be experiencing a range of life transitions and challenges related to studies, leaving home, entering the job market and navigating relationships in new ways.

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For teenagers who may be struggling with challenges related to self esteem, identity, communication, the need for independence, regulating emotions and navigating peer relationships.

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For children with difficulties such as anxiety, separation difficulties, bereavement, behavioural challenges, adjusting to changes such as coping with the birth of sibling or going to a new school.

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Therapy Approaches

Short and Longer Term

Metacognitive Therapy (MCT)

Metacognitive Therapy (MCT) is a relatively new therapy approach. It’s efficacy has been demonstrated in a wide range of studies. MCT is based on the principal that many psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety are caused by a pattern of worry or rumination, fixed attention on the self and on threat. Certain underlying meta-beliefs such as, ““I must worry in order to cope,” also maintain unhelpful thinking patterns. Metacognitive therapy helps people find more effective and flexible ways of focusing their attention and relating to negative beliefs and thoughts.  In addition, unhelpful coping strategies are identified and replaced with more effective strategies. In the process, unhelpful underlying beliefs and coping strategies are adjusted resulting in an alleviation of psychological distress.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a relatively short-term,  solution-focused approach that equips clients with skills to help manage current difficulties. As a client, you would  play an active role in this structured therapeutic process which focuses on identifying unhelpful thoughts and behaviours in order to develop healthier skills and habits. CBT has been researched extensively, and has demonstrated effectiveness for many different problems and psychiatric difficulties.  Additional therapeutic approaches involving CBT include Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

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Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy aims to explore and understand the psychological roots of emotional distress. Self-reflection is encouraged to better understand the influences of the past on present patterns of thoughts, emotions, behaviours, self concept and relationships. At times, unhelpful patterns can lead to painful emotions and a feeling of being stuck. If unhelpful patterns are identified and understood, new ways of relating to self and others can start to develop. As psychodynamic therapy is insight orientated, it can facilitate this process.​

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Psychologist Kirsten Barnardt Cape Town Therapy

Kirsten Barnardt

M.A.Clinical Psychology & Community Counselling (SU)

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Clinical Psychologist Karen Fleming  Cape Town Therapy Karen Fleming

Karen Fleming

M.A.Clinical Psychology & Community Counselling (SU)

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The Practice

Situated in Sea Point, 10 minutes from the CBD.

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Conveniently situated along the Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town
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Office Hours: 8am-6pm, Mon-Fri
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